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The grand jury testimony of every complaining witness is thoroughly undermined by clear and convincing evidence, often in multiple forms and from multiple sources. Seven main elements undermine the grand jury testimony of the complainants: 1) the complainant has completely repudiated the testimony he provided when he was a child, explaining that it was a product of coercion, 2) other eyewitnesses who were in the same classroom as the complainant assert that no abuse took place, 3) The complainant lied in material respects, claiming he witnessed sexual abuse against others that did not take place, 4) the complainant lied in materials respects by falsely claiming that other perpetrators were sexually abused him, 5) the complainant radically altered his testimony in material respects, 6) the complainant made assertions that were so implausible, blied by the physical evidence, or obviously fantastic that they cannot be credited, and 7) the complainant’s accounts of sexual abuse dramatically expanded after each round of police interrogation.

An examination of every charge by every complaining witness leaves no doubt that Jesse Friedman was wrongfully convicted:

Kenneth Doe:

Kenneth Doe has completely repudiated his testimony and explains that the repeated and insist police questioning demanding that he disclose sexual abuse, he “just folded” and provided false testimony. His repudiation of the abuse allegations is corroborated by three eyewitnesses who attended the same computer class with him and state that no abuse took place.