False Testimony

Cognitive Tunnel Vision Biases and Their Detrimental Affect on Prosecutorial Evidentiary Evaluation

The purpose of this letter is to alert and educate law-enforcement, particularly those engaged with post-conviction "conviction integrity unit" panel evaluations, to the problems involving various kinds of psychological cognitive biases.


Discredited Psychology

By Lona Manning

"False Memory Syndrome", "Repressed Memory Syndrome" and "Recovered Memory" are highly controversial and now widely researched fields. I do not try to speak as an expert. I do not intend to imply that any one psychological evaluation can be used as a uniform explanation of every situation. However, I know one thing that the experts can't know for certain. I know that no children were being sodomized playing some bizarre "naked leap-frog" game or being raped during those computer classes. Therefore anyone who now, as an adult, remembers being molested is suffering from the implanted memories of therapist. That, to me, is a horrific fact. How horrible it must be to live with the scars of such a traumatic experience when it never even happened!


The Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax

by Debbie Nathan, The Village Voice, January 12, 1990

After the First McMartin Trial — 

The eight kids sitting in Geraldo Rivera’s New York studio after the first McMartin trial ended could have stepped out of a candy bar commercial on Saturday morning TV. They gleamed with the healthy tans, shopping-mall clothes, and moussed sun-bleached hair of the southern California suburbs; their parents looked equally affluent. But these families were far from cheerful.