False Testimony

Discredited Psychology

By Lona Manning

"False Memory Syndrome", "Repressed Memory Syndrome" and "Recovered Memory" are highly controversial and now widely researched fields. I do not try to speak as an expert. I do not intend to imply that any one psychological evaluation can be used as a uniform explanation of every situation. However, I know one thing that the experts can't know for certain. I know that no children were being sodomized playing some bizarre "naked leap-frog" game or being raped during those computer classes. Therefore anyone who now, as an adult, remembers being molested is suffering from the implanted memories of therapist. That, to me, is a horrific fact. How horrible it must be to live with the scars of such a traumatic experience when it never even happened!

Here are some links to information:

The False Memory Foundation Home Page: A treasure trove of information covering every aspect of these conditions. Case studies, FAQ, book reviews, monthly newsletter, hypnosis, multiple-personality disorder, and much more.

Elizabeth Loftus is a Professor or Law, Criminology , Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, and University of Washington. Professor Loftus has published dozen's of articles on this subject.

Professor Loftus' book The Myth of Repressed Memory, has been described by the The Washington Post Book World as, "[A] thoughtful, scholarly book . . . concerned with exposing the damage caused by, and the falsity of, the practice of recovered-memory therapy." The New York Times Book Review said, "The descriptions . . . of the 'therapeutic' practices by which memories are recovered are a frightening indictment of at least some members of the burgeoning therapy industry."

Satan's Silence, The Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt by Debbie Nathan and Michael Snedeker.

Lona Manning's Web site, Real Life Cases of People Sent to Prison for Crimes That Never Happened.