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Jesse Friedman FOIL Case Goes to Court of Appeals

Andrew Keshner, New York Law Journal

The state Court of Appeals will consider Jesse Friedman's attempt to have Nassau County prosecutors turn over the case file and grand jury minutes related to his decades-old sex abuse conviction.


Open the files in Jesse Friedman's 27 year old case so he can prove his innocence

NYTimes Editorial, February 9, 2015

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Jesse Friedman's defamation suit against Nassau DA Kathleen Rice and aides can go forward, says judge

NEWSDAY, September 29, 2014, 8:57pm

A judge will let a convicted sex offender go forward with a defamation lawsuit against Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice and two of her aides after first dismissing the claim, a court official said Monday. State Supreme Court Justice Angela Iannacci granted a defense motion to dismiss the complaint on Sept. 22 after plaintiff Jesse Friedman didn't file paperwork opposing the dismissal, court records show.

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Who Is More Deserving Than The District Attorney?

Simple Justice: A Criminal Defense Blog, July 10, 2014

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has sought to bring the spirit of helping others to New York lawyers by his creation of a pro bono requirement for admission to the New York bar in the hope of instilling a lifelong desire to help those who are truly worthy of pro bono publico. Can there be anyone more worthy than Nassau County District Attorney cum United States Congressperson, Kathleen Rice?

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‘Capturing the Friedmans’ Subject Seeks to Overturn 1988 Conviction

Variety, June 24, 2014 | 03:55PM PT

Jesse Friedman looked composed but slightly weary Tuesday morning as he sat in a rented mini-bus en route from Manhattan’s Upper East Side to a press conference at the Nassau County Supreme Court, where he was about to begin the latest chapter in the legal battle that has dominated his life for the past quarter-century. “I have no faith in the district attorney’s office, but we’re going to get a hearing, we’re going to get before a judge,” said Friedman, now 47, whose 1988 arrest and conviction on more than 200 charges of child sexual abuse were chronicled in director Andrew Jarecki’s Oscar-nominated 2003 documentary, “Capturing the Friedmans.” “I think our chances are pretty good,” he added.


Friedman Makes Third Bid to Upset Sex Abuse Conviction

Andrew Keshner, New York Law Journal, June 25, 2014

Jesse Friedman, who pleaded guilty more than 25 years ago in an infamous child sex abuse case and then claimed the admissions were forced, filed a motion Tuesday asserting his "actual innocence" and blasting the Nassau County District Attorney's review of his case that found no grounds to upset his conviction.


Friedman Asks Appellate Court to Turn Over Files

Newsday, December 23, 2013

A former Great Neck man trying to clear his name after a 1988 guilty plea in a child molestation case asked an appeals court Monday to compel prosecutors to turn over his criminal case file. (December 23, 2013)

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The Friedmans

n+1, December 1, 2013

In August 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed a lower court’s ruling not to overturn the conviction of Jesse Friedman.

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Turn in Friedman Case - Judge Winslow to DA Rice: “Friedman Case Needs Microscope, Not Telescope”

Great Neck Record, August 30, 2013, By Carol Frank

In a dramatic turn of events on Aug. 22, Judge Dana Winslow of the New York Supreme Court, ordered the Nassau County District Attorney’s office turn over all documents in the Jesse Friedman case, including grand jury minutes and notes, police reports, even the original stenographers’ notes. He also set forth a “no touch” order to prevent the DA from “altering, moving or destroying any of the evidence.”

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Editorial: Release Friedman papers, but protect victims, August 23, 2013

In a miserable case that just won't go away, Jesse Friedman should be allowed to see the statements and evidence amassed against him in the decades-old prosecution in which he pleaded guilty of sexually abusing young boys....

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Judge orders release of Jesse Friedman files

Newsday, August 22, 2013 by William Murphy

A judge ordered Nassau County prosecutors Thursday to turn over virtually every scrap of paper on the Jesse Friedman case to the former defendant, who claims he was wrongly coerced into pleading guilty in 1988 to sexually molesting children.

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Breakthrough for man at center of 'Capturing the Friedmans' child molestation case after judge orders DA to hand over 25-year-old court documents to his lawyers

UK Daily Mail, August 22, 2013, By David McCormack and Associated Press Reporter

A man seeking to clear his name in a famous child molestation case has successfully petitioned a New York judge to release 25-year-old documents used in his prosecution.

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Judge: Nassau DA Kathleen Rice must turn over records to convicted child molester Jesse Friedman

News 12 Long Island, August 22, 2013

A Nassau Supreme Court judge today ruled that District Attorney Kathleen Rice must turn over police records, interviews and grand jury testimony in convicted child molester Jesse Friedman's case. (August 22, 2013)

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Re-'Capturing the Friedmans': Convicted Child Molester Still Fighting to Clear His Name

ABC News, August 8, 2013

ABC News Nightline on Efforts to Exonerate Jesse Friedman

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Justice For Jesse, April 26, 2013, Hosted by Mike Sacks

Jesse Friedman served 14 years in prison for a series of sex crimes he may not have committed. Filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, who told Friedman's story in the documentary 'Capturing The Friedmans,' is now working on a campaign to overturn his conviction....

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Jesse Friedman Attorney Seeks Key Documents In 1988 Child Sex Abuse Case, April 23, 2013, Newsday, By Ann Givens

A lawyer for Jesse Friedman, a Great Neck man whose 1988 conviction on sex abuse charges is being re-examined by the Nassau district attorney's office, has filed a motion asking a judge to release several key documents in the case....

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Opinion: Liberating the Friedmans — A rotten conviction for child abuse must be overturned

New York Daily News, March 28, 2013, By Andrew Jarecki

Who do you believe? That was the slogan on the poster for my 2003 documentary, “Capturing the Friedmans,” about a father and son controversially imprisoned in the 1980s for allegedly molesting hundreds of children attending after-school computer classes in their Long Island home....

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Epstein: A mom's journey with the Friedmans

Newsday, March 28, 2013

Hysteria ensnared Great Neck 25 years ago when scores of allegations of sexual abuse were lodged against Arnold Friedman, his son, Jesse, and a teenage friend. All three, after being presented with unspeakable charges based on the testimony of 14 little boys, pleaded guilty....

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Uncapturing a Friedman, March 13, 2013, By Daniel D'Addario

“Capturing the Friedmans,” Andrew Jarecki’s documentary about a Long Island family caught in a firestorm of sexual abuse allegations, came out in 2003, and the intervening years have not been kind to one of its subjects....

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Exonerating the Friedmans, November 21, 2012, by Tracy Levy

Filmmaker Andrew Jarecki is trying to overturn Jesse Friedman’s 1989 Great Neck molestation conviction....

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Is Actual Innocence "Capturing the Friedmans," 25 Years Later?, November 27, 2012, by Perry Binder

On November 25, 1987, I was sprawled out on my parents' couch, when my favorite high school teacher appeared on the TV news. Arnold Friedman was a retired NYC instructor who taught computer classes in his home for local kids....

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New Filmed Evidence in Capturing the FriedmansCase Screens in Long Island, November 21, 2012, by Jeffrey Bloomer

Two years after a federal court excoriated his prosecution and declared it likely that he was wrongly convicted, Jesse Friedman remains branded by the state of Connecticut as one of its most serious threats to children....

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A School Bus Driver’s Win: Does it Uncapture the Friedmans?

Dan Wise posted: "Film director Andrew Jarecki made Jesse Friedman famous in his haunting and acclaimed film released in 2003, “Capturing the Friedmans.”


Re-Capturing The Friedman Story

Mother of alleged victim speaks out, in light of new evidence suggesting the Great Neck father and son were wrongly convicted.

Hella Winston for Jewish Week

Arline Epstein was stunned by the recent revelation by her son claiming he was not in fact abused.


Sensational ’80s L.I. Abuse Case Getting Fresh Look

The Jewish Week, July 17, 2012, by Hella Winston

New evidence coming to light suggesting Jesse Friedman’s innocence.

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Defendant and Attorney Complain About Secrecy in Investigation of Notorious Child Abuse Case

New York Law Journal, July 10, 2012

Nearly two years after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit took the unusual step of urging a "complete review" of what it suggested could have been the wrongful conviction of an innocent man in a notorious case of mass child molestation, the defendant and his lawyer have become frustrated at what they say is the secretive way in which the Nassau County District Attorney's Office is conducting the probe.


Jesse Friedman Case Re-Examination

Anton News, June 29, 2012

So far, four original complainants have recanted

The review of Jesse Friedman's case by the Nassau County District Attorney's office, while conducted to protect the confidentiality of those associated with the case, is uncovering new and important evidence that is being examined by a panel of experts appointed by District Attorney Kathleen Rice.


False Confessions: What Lies Ahead for the Wrongfully Convicted?

New York Law Journal, June 15, 2012, by Earl H. Nemser

...Later in 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued an extraordinary "advisory opinion" in Friedman v. Rehal,4 finding that current scientific research demonstrated that victim reports of sex crimes were unreliable when induced by "suggestive memory recovery tactics." In Friedman these kinds of reports were used by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office to secure a guilty plea based on a confession later claimed to be false.

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Jesse Friedman, Resolutely Maintains Innocence

Great Neck Record, Friday, 25 May 2012

The Friedman child abuse case that gripped Great Neck, and the nation, almost 25 years ago continues to reverberate. Jesse Friedman, who served 13 years in prison and was paroled in 2001, has continued to assert his innocence and to fight to overturn his conviction.


Jesse Friedman fights to clear his name

News 12 Long Island Feature Interview, May 21, 2012


Jesse Friedman, Who Pleaded Guilty To Child Abuse 25 Years Ago,
Says He's Innocent

CBSNewYork, May 21, 2012

Now Free, He's Seeking To Clear His Name From Notorious & Infamous Case

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Jesse Friedman

News 12 Doug Geed Blog, News 12 Long Island, May 20, 2012

You may remember the case of the Friedmans. A father and son from Great Neck convicted of alleged crimes that made national news when they surfaced in the late 1980′s.


Friedman seeks to clear name of sex abuse

Newsday, April 20, 2012

A man who served 13 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a number of children at his father's Great Neck computer school says he will open a hotline seeking new information in the case in an effort to clear his name.


It's the right move to review Jesse Friedman's case

Newsday Editorial, August 17, 2010

Sometimes, the search for justice demands taking another look. Troubling questions raised by a federal appeals court over Jesse Friedman's high-profile conviction for sexually abusing children 23 years ago call for a review of the case.


Hypnosis Rigged Sex Case Against Him, Man Says

New York Times, October 20, 2007

The 2003 documentary "Capturing the Friedmans" raised questions about the prosecution of Jesse Friedman, who in 1988 pleaded guilty as a teenager to 243 counts of sex crimes against children he and his father taught in computer classes in their Long Island home.


Friedman appeals to reverse sex abuse guilty plea

Newday, October 4, 2007

Jesse Friedman's last chance to clear his name of child molestation charges now rests in the hands of a federal judge who heard evidence on his case at a hearing yesterday.


Hearing Ordered Over Whether Hypnosis Tainted L.I. Abuse Case

New York Times, July 24, 2007

A federal judge on Long Island on Monday ordered a hearing to determine if hypnosis may have played a role in persuading children to testify against Jesse Friedman, who served 13 years in prison for sexually abusing children in a 1980s case later made famous by the documentary “Capturing the Friedmans.”


Friedman says film shows his innocence

Seattle Times, January 9, 2004

By Frank Eltman, The Associated Press

Jesse Friedman, whose imprisonment for child molestation was captured in the award-winning documentary "Capturing the Friedmans," wants a new trial based on information revealed in the film.


Inmates Lose Good Time for Program Refusal

D.O.C.S. Today Magazine, October 1999

Jesse was denied parole four times and lost part of his "good time" as well because it is NYS Department of Correctional Services policy to withhold good time for "...lack of proper participation in recommended assignments and programs." This meant he had to successfully participate in a sex-offender therapy program in order to be released on Parole. (Who defines what "successfully" means?) But he was not permitted to enroll in the treatment program because he said, "I didn’t do it," and was therefore considered still in denial. This is an article from the NYS Dep. of Corrections "magazine" DOCS Today October 1999 explaining the policy.


Dragnet Is Out For Porn Photos In Child Sex Case

Newsday, February 8, 1989

"Nassau police have traveled around the region to view child pornography seized in other jurisdictions" looking for anything which appeared to have been produced in Jesse's house. Detective Galasso loved to give vibrant quotes to the press such as, "Virtually every child who gave a statement said they were extensively photographed and videotaped during these sexual acts. Just about every class was videotaped." Even though Jesse's house was searched twice by authorities, and they did find his father's magazines, not one piece of home-made pornography was ever unearthed by detectives.

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Little Joy in Victory For Boys' Families

Newsday, January 25, 1989

Jesse was kept waiting the afternoon he was supposed to plead guilty because the parents of the complainants had stormed the D.A.’s office demanding that he be given a bargain of thirty years, not 18 years. The families were insistent on there being a trial. On January 25, 1989, Newsday quoted the group of parents as saying they wanted to “ferret out the truth” during a trial. Jesse argues that the implication there is as follows: Individual parents knew, or had a real good suspicion, that their own son’s victimization stories were false, but that the other children were probably actually hurt. Each family wanted to hear what the other children had to say.

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